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Because sorry, you know every time I see the young'uns of Peeta, Finnick, and Gale being featured and Haymitch being left on the sidelines ignored, I feel compelled to step in and defend just how amazing he is. ;) For lisal825's Literary Lads That We Love meme

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2013 NaNoWriMo Prospect

Yoinked and altered from lorata. Assuming I do actually get started on this for NaNo, some thoughts...

Meet Johanna Weisbaum, in a village in Hesse-Kassel, a German province. (Yeah, those Hessians.) Meet Hamish Cameron, in the highlands of Lochaber, Scotland. There's this little thing called the Seven Years' War going on that ends up killing Johanna's brother in the Battle of Hastenbeck in 1757. There's also this thing going on in the Highlands where life is really shitty since the Highlanders were pretty brutally put down at the Battle of Culloden in 1746. So, you know, poor, no good prospects for a couple of teenagers who are, at that age, right on the verge of 18th century adulthood. Johanna goes to America as an indentured servant. Hamish enlists in one of the new Highland regiments bound for service overseas. And then the real fun begins as they find out what the New World really is like.

History Nerdery Meter: I should seriously show you my reading list. And I just visited the battlefield for the Battle of Bushy Run this morning for the battle where Hamish is probably captured by the Shawnee in 1763. Suffice it to say, I'm the type that's a picky asshole about at least trying to get my history right with as much as is readily accessible to me.

"Times Were Hard Back Then" Meter: It's not going to be warm and fuzzy. It was a pretty brutal war. Indian raids for captives were grisly. Soldiers attacking Indian towns, and Indians attacking soldiers on the road or at their forts, were equally grisly. And even without that, people often died young. Disease and injury took a heavy toll. Sexual violence was unfortunately too common. The Highlanders were in the Caribbean in 1762 and a hell of a lot of them died of disease, and I'm sure they saw black slavery up close and personal.

Romance Ueber Alles Meter: Steadily staying low. If you've read HID/AFAF/etc. you know that I do write some romance but I usually feature a lot of other shit going on as well because I feel chars really get annoying when they're wrapped up only in their little love story. And considering H 'n' J meet once in 1758 and then not again until 1763, there's a lot of time they'll spend having individual adventures, development, and relationships with other people. Booyah.

Scottish Cliches Meter: Low. Hamish isn't a 6'3" strapping lad who's also a son/grandson/nephew/whatever of the clan chieftain. (Actually, a minimum standard of 5'4" up to 5'8" seems to have been the pretty typical range for recruits for the Highland regiment.) To begin the story he's very likely illiterate and like many Highland peasants, speaks almost no English. So, yeah. There's that.

German Cliches Meter: Low. I promise no cuckoo clocks or lederhosen. Johanna is also not a big, blond Brunhilde type. She's not a methodical, emotionless "Prussian" type either. She does not, like most stories involving fictional Indian captives, have blond/red hair and blue eyes, in order to awe the natives with how "otherworldly" she looks.

Culturally Appropriating Asshole Meter: Hopefully low? Anything involving a tribal angle is easy to mess up. I mean, you can be like Cassie Edwards and fetishize "untamed" Indian men as basically the sexual playthings of white women. And if you're writing the semi-"Dances with Wolves" scenario about the experience of white people interacting with that native society, there's the risk of marginalizing the actual people of that culture by showing them mainly or entirely through the eyes of others and implying only their experiences with that tribe are important. So while J 'n' H are the main chars, yeah, I do plan to have some of the Shawnee feature as well, and they may have some POV spots if I feel it suits the story better, and if I can write it correctly and not have it be a Disney-Pocahontas cliche.

BAMF Ladies Meter: High, one hopes. I'm going to feature a variety of female chars, and their relationships. Unlike most historical fic involving soldiers, the women aren't there mostly just as convenient puppets to admire the bravery and fighting prowess of the men and be available for sex.

Self-Indulgence Meter: I get to write historical stuff and hopefully not fuck it up. So yeah, pretty high.

Oct. 10th, 2013

Gacked from redbrunja

Give me a fannish topic and I'll meta for at least 100 words. Then I'll give you a topic to meta on for at least 100 words.

(Fandoms include: THG, ATLA/LoK, BSG, Spartacus, LotR/Tolkien, Neverwinter Nights 2, HP, GoT/ASoIAF, Breaking Bad, Homeland, some Marvel and DC, Firefly, Sleepy Hollow, Les Miz, PotC, or historical)


So sabaceanbabe and other Odesta fans, is that maybe "Finnick" standing there on the right? ;)

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, msdisdain!

Wrote a ficlet for you here. Hope you enjoy, and hope you're having a fantastic birthday! :D

State of the Fic

1.)  AFAF.  As I posted last night, I've got probably 20 to 25 chapters left on this one. 




2.) So Darkness I Became.  Slower going, kind of posting whenever I get an inspiration. Probably another three to six chapters.  Still working out some of the backstory on this one and integrating the Batman and THG elements to do justice to both.




3.)  Sometimes I Take a Fool Notion.  Second chapter in progress, don't see this really going much beyond that.




4.)  Got a prompt at the Bread and Circuses ficathon for Haymitch and Johanna as the victors of the 50th games. Thinking about doing this for het_bigbang this year.  The idea really has some interesting possibilities especially compared to their older selves and to the Everlark narrative, particularly after the arena.  My question is... does anyone even want to read this or are we at the "JFC, enough with the Hayhanna AUs already, Joan" stage of things?


This exchange fic is not going well. I've been sitting at 600 words for something like a week and my inspiration is shot.

So the apparently the Bahamas debacle is happening. (sigh) I just see it being awkward no matter what. Even if somehow I did have a boyfriend/fiance by next January to invite along, which would take a miracle, I feel like with other women around after I spend the day doing work conferences with the guys, I'm automatically going to be stuck with the wives for some things and frankly, I've got nothing in common with them.

I don't give a fuck about a spa day. I'm not going to wear a bikini and lounge around the pool, even if I lost weight because I'm never going to be a cute little waifish size 2. I don't have kids and I don't want to hear about toilet training and preschool for three days since I have nothing to contribute to the conversation.

And God help me if I go as a single woman. If I don't have a guy there with me the younger ones will be judging. The older ones will probably just be asking me what I'm waiting for. ("For someone to actually want me" is the honest answer but just makes things more awkward...) And of course if I'm still fat I'm an object of humor. If I'm not, some of them are probably going to be concerned that I'm working with their husbands. I love how supportive women can be of either other, but Jesus, we can also be the worst critics, especially when the competitive yardstick of your husbands and kids are involved. And I just don't want to deal with the awkwardness of being the one woman at the company around all their wives, single or not.

I feel like I can't win with this, no matter what. It's either going to be awkward if I'm not single or pathetically awkward if I am. So I'm pretty much resigned to just getting through it. I just loathe being forced into situations where I feel like I'm bound to be uncomfortably judged or not fit in.

At least the boss offered the option if we want to come early or stay a few days extra after the conference we can, even if of course we foot the bill for the extra hotel days. But considering it looks like they're still picking up the airfare and all, good deal for me. Depending on the cost, if I can foot the bill, I may well do that so I can do some things I want to do and go get some scuba diving done and have some fun by myself after a few days of total awkward.

First World problems, I know. I feel kind of stupid and privileged whining about this when I know last year I'd have wanted to tell anyone whose company would foot the bill for a nice trip like this to shut the fuck up, but when the thing's making me just depressed and anxious at the thought of it full year ahead, this is not good news. If I could trade one of you guys the trip, believe me, I'm pretty sure I would.

Anyone out there want to go to Massachusetts and marry me for a free trip to the Bahamas, be my very platonic wife for a few days, and then we can get a quickie annulment after? ;)
Another Wicked Winter fill here, for trovia

Chars: Haymitch/Annie (yes, I bring you another rare pairing...)
Title: More Than the Sum
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Char death, mentions of murder and sexual slavery.
Spoilers: Post-MJ AU, so CF/MJ spoilers abound.

More Than the SumCollapse )
For the holidays, my kingdom for Haymitch/Johanna fanart/icons/giftfic. Gotta represent my one-woman ship! ;) (Haymitch fancast is Mehdi Nebbou and my Johanna fancast is Christina Chong)

Assuming I actually had a kingdom.

Um...maybe an ant farm (does have a queen, you know)? A sugar cookie shaped like a castle? :P

In other news, bit of a snippet from the Johanna equivalent to NTS (the 67th Games, her first mentor year)

Escorted into a nice parlor, the carpet under her feet so plush that she felt like she was about to sink in to her ankles which was a disconcerting feeling, President Snow was waiting for her. “Miss Mason. Welcome. Would you like some tea?”

Not really, but Blight’s parting words of Be polite rang in her ears. Seating herself in the chair he gestured her towards, she said, “Uh, sure.”

If he started offering her cookies she was going to get freaked out. He was the leader of Panem, the figurehead of the Hunger Games, so district people really knew better than to fuck with Snow in general. Being here with him sitting there acting like he was her kindly old Opa and offering her tea just felt weird. The few pieces of advice Blight and Cedrus had bothered to give her pretty much concerned not pissing Snow off.

She waited while he rang a tiny silver bell, and a minute later, a man of about her dad’s age wearing the red uniform of an Avox servant came bearing a tray. It had cookies, she noticed, unable to suppress a snort of mingled hilarity and nerves. The Avox set down the tray and poured her a cup of tea, handing it over, and she could smell the floral fragrance of it.

“My own blend,” Snow said with something almost like pride, taking his own cup. “Quite exclusive—only guests to my house have it. The rose petals are grown in my own greenhouse. It contains seventeen different varieties of roses.”

“It’s…nice.” To be honest it tasted kind of fussy, what she imagined drinking floral perfume would be like, rather than the soothing peppermint tea from back home. She wondered when they were actually going to discuss something useful here.

“I would figure flowers might spur your interest, given your origins …” He raised an eyebrow.

“We don’t grow roses so much.” There were the herbs and flowers her mom brought back from logging camp and planted in pots in the house, but tending roses was something that was pure decadent leisure. Nobody in Seven had time for that crap.

“Of course not.” He took another delicate sip of his tea and put the cup aside on a small end table, the china rattling against the saucer. She traced the edge of her cup with a fingertip, thinking how fragile it was. How it would shatter. Like she’d found a skull did when she’d brought her axe down on it last year, that sickening squelching crunch. Trying to put those thoughts away, she hastily put her cup aside too.